flick_tm (flick_tm) wrote in mr_secretary,

The good old days

I was browsing through the GSU Atlanta Photo Archives today and found this one. The caption reads, "Draper Corporation; New building on Murphy Avenue, SW". Click on the picture to see it bigger. Don't you know the people in this office are shit-scared when their boss comes in. *Sigh* Why didn't I live then?
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those vintage desks haunt my dreams.
i want those desks..
i hate my cubicle. i want to be surrounded by cold, harsh mid-century modern office furniture.
i'm so completely depressed and i can't stop looking at this picture.

i just had to go to the RECIEVE party for work where they sing happy birthday to all the people with April birthdays. i almost threw up.
Wow. This place looks toxic. Sort of like that office that was in the beginning of Joe vs the Volcano. An excellent place to lose one's soul.
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