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mr_secretary's Journal

i SAID, please hold
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(cute) copymachine repair men, answering the phone, art school, being bitch at work, being butch at work, being cunty at work, being fierce at work, being hungover at work, being late to work, being lazy, being nelly at work, bow-ties, breakrooms, calendars, carbon paper, carol burette show secretary, carol-bob newhart secretary, casual fridays, casual mondays, casual thursdays, casual tuesdays, casual wednesdays, cathy (comic strip), clock watchers, cocktain parties, cubicles, dictation, doing the boss, dolly parton, email fwd's, fake sick days, female secretaries, filing, fine arts degrees, flirting at the office, fucking at the office, go to voicemail fucker, happy hour, instant message, inter-office mail, kathy & cathy, kissing at the office, le tigre, liquid lunches, lunch hour, making coffee, male secretaries, memos, mr. hart, nine to five, not answering the phone, not being lazy, not really being lazy, office clichés, office humor, office romance, office space, paid lunches, paper clips, parker posey, pencils, penis, pens, pink-collar ghetto, please hold, post-it notes, power lunching, push pins, quittin' time, reimbursements, rolling our eyes, rolodexes, roseanne, sarcasm, sassback, secretaries, service men, sexual harassment, shopping, shopping during lunch hour, sick days, sleeping to the top, smelling markers, sorta being lazy, staplers, stenography, suspenders, task lits, temps, tgif, to-do lists, transgendered secretaries, typing, typing really fucking fast, violet newstead, word per minute, xerography